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In the last decade, however, HIV has spread rapidly to women. Between andthe proportion of men to women infected with HIV was HIV most often affects economically disadvantaged women. Men in return expect an affectionate, submissive and faithful woman who plays a passive and dependent role in the sexual sphere and who is able to work inside and outside of the home as necessary Rosenbluth and Hidalgo The complement of machismo is marianismo Pinelwith the submission of women to men being a significant component Pesce This produces a double standard whereby women are placed either in the category of good mothers and wives or in the category of bad women who are sexually available and knowledgeable Raffaelli and Suarez-Al-Adam In a context of marianismogirls learn that they must be good wives and mothers and be respectful of and dependent on men Peragallo Under the influence of marianismothe most important values for women are chastity, motherhood, submissiveness, self-sacrifice and care-taking Strait In the psychological sphere, submission is expressed by constrained ideas, opinions, choices and feelings. Women must subordinate their pleasure to the decisions and feelings of men. Ideas about machismo can be explicit or not; however, they contribute to discrimination against women. Women may not acknowledge that their partners might have other sexual partners. Qualitative data from in-depth follow-up interviews with 20 women was sufficient to reach saturation National Institutes of Health and Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Inclusion criteria for the study specified that respondents should be Chilean women: Recruitment of participants at the community clinic consisted of having the researcher personally ask women in the waiting area whether they would like to participate. A mixed-methods design was used to elicit a reasonably comprehensive picture of the HIV-prevention needs of low-income women in an urban area in Chile. La Pintana is home to Antumapu, the agricultural and veterinary sciences campus of University of Chile , Chile's oldest university. The population grew by As a commune, La Pintana is a third-level administrative division of Chile administered by a municipal council , headed by an alcalde who is directly elected every four years. La Pintana is home to Antumapu, the agricultural and veterinary sciences campus of University of Chile, Chile's oldest university. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Santiago Morning and Deportes Pintana. The stadium holds 5, people. Chile won both games.

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What was interesting was the look on her face when I said that our work was in La Pintana. She was fully aware of the great needs there but had problems comprehending going there to meet those needs. This past year has been one in which we saw more families, churches and businesses from Chile become involved in our work in La Pintana. For the presentation of our artistic academic year in the Pintana community center, we had the opportunity of having among our guests the ambassador of the United States in Chile, Mrs.

By the time we got to La Pintana I had to eat a snack because of hauling all the stuff there. One of the funniest parts of the day for us was trying to get all this food into La Pintana.

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Meet Mature Women in La Pintana
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