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You name it, I can probably find it and make it turn to shit with a single touch. Amora the Enchantress x Male! Add a Comment: Load All Images.

Early on in the conflict known as the Secret Wars, Amora clashed with the She-Hulk but was easily overpowered by the heroine, who was far stronger and more experienced in fighting. Centuries ago, Amora enlisted Brunnhildeleader of Odin 's Valkyries, in her plans of conquest. Seeking a fellow Asgardian's perspective on events, Thor freed Amora from the device and she teleported them away to another part of the planet, where she attempted to seduce Thor, further enchanting her lips to enthrall him. The Enchantress encountered the mutant Dazzler several times, the first being when Amora sought to take control of a dimensional rift which would have granted her mystical powers that rivaled Odin's. They came to her aid, and in the ensuing battle, Amora was forced to use so much magic that the rift was destabilized. Amora then used her magic to entrap Brunnhilde within a mystical crystal of souls. Amora was born somewhere in Asgardher parentage unknown. The unconscious Amora was captured by the heroes and placed in an alien medical device to heal her injuries by Reed Richards. An alien creature emerged from the pool beside which they sat, however, and Amora was unable to defend herself temporarily, having focused her power on seducing Thor. Enraged at having her plans thwarted and at the perceived slight of having another woman chosen in her steadAmora sought to both claim the mystical energies of the rift while also destroying her rival by aging Blaire to death while she was on stage performing.

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Amora Single Men
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